It was the summer of 1973.  I was 25 years old, had my own company paying a very good salary, a new Cadillac Sedan Deville which cost me $3500 and my wife Laura had just given birth to our first child.  We lived in Lancaster, Ohio and we loved it.  I could not imagine being happier.  I had it all and I thought my future was pretty much secure.   I had NO needs at all.  All was well with the world .. or so I thought.

I ran and was part owner of a mobile home and rv supplier company.  If you remember 1973, Richard Nixon was president and under investigation for the Watergate break in. An organization was formed in the middle east (OPEC)  to regulate the selling price of a barrel of oil.   The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) had issued regulations that were being applied to mobile homes.  It didn’t take long for things to change in the mobile home  industry forever.

Within that year, 30% of the mobile home market disappeared completely.  States had to comply with these new HUD Regulations or loose federal funding. So the states passed laws that prohibited mobile homes from being pulled through their borders without a HUD permit.  The hand writing was on the wall but I couldn’t read.   That summer, I went on vacation up in Michigan with my wife and young daughter and when I returned,  I discovered the my partners had moved the business to Florida !  It was gone ! Nothing left but my desk and chair. When I finally met with them about it all, they simply decided that since they owned 66%  and if I wasn’t willing to move to Florida, I would be out of a job.

For a several of weeks afterward, I moped around and felt sorry for myself.  I was devastated. I didn’t have a lot of  savings and it became clear that I would have to find a job soon.   So, on a visit back to my hometown of Elkhart, Indiana to see my mother, my nephew who is just 2 years younger than me, was in the process of buying his fathers security company. We talked about my coming back to Indiana and working there.  He and I had kind of grown up working there and knew a good deal about the business so, after talking with Laura, I decided that we would move back to Elkhart and I would go to work for Employer’s Security.

So, I started getting up every Monday morning at 4am to drive to Elkhart, Indiana about 4 hours away.  I would stay there all week and come home on Friday afternoon.    One such Friday, I got home a little early, and drove down our street and saw my wife pushing a stroller toward our house.  She was wearing a long “granny” style dress and my memory is that she was at least 2 feet off the ground.   She “glowed and flowed” if you know what I mean. Smiles from ear to ear. When I got out of the car, she started jabbering and I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.  Seems our baby sitter had invited my wife to attend a Christian conference in Columbus and she decided to go.  During that conference the speaker asked if there was anyone who wanted to receive an assurance of their salvation and of course my beautiful wife raised her hand.   As she moved to the front to receive prayer, this fellow came up and touched my wife on the shoulder and she passed out !!  Slayed in the Spirit right then and there as she tells the story.   Well, naturally she could not stop telling me about all of it and how wonderful Jesus was and what a wonderful thing it was and yada. yada, yada.  All I could think is that these religious nuts had kidnapped my wife and completely brainwashed her and now what was I going to do?  Naturally, Laura wanted me to meet these people and kept at me until I agreed to allow them to come over Sunday afternoon to talk to me. What else could I say ?

I was not a particularly religious person even though my parents were. I had attended church as a young man but had pretty much rejected it as just too unbelievable.  After all, the bible was written by a much of men right ??  Lots of controversy about all those translations. Surely it was not the word of God.    He didn’t write it .. how could he have.  It was just a bunch of “thou shalt not” stuff and after all, modern science had pretty much proven that the universe was not created by anyone but came into existence by pure chance.  How about those Dinosaur bones. The Bible doesn’t say anything about them. Doesn’t that prove that the Bible is not to taken seriously. Nonetheless, I got my wife’s copy of the King James Bible and I began to look at different things just to see if I couldn’t find some ammunition for my meeting with those Christian nuts.    I guess I thought that if I could quote the Bible as well as they could, I would win the argument and my wife would see how bogus this whole thing was.

Well, Sunday afternoon comes and my wife welcomed our baby sitter and another very small woman who was about 4 foot tall into our home.  She carried a Bible that was surely the biggest Bible I ever saw, but it looked even bigger in the hands of this very small person.   I was ready.  Let’s get down to it.  She started by asking me questions about my childhood and my experience with church.  I told her that I grew up in the Church Of Christ and I knew all about the Bible.  She then asked me if I knew what it took to be saved.  I played some word games.  I asked here what she meant by being saved.   That can mean a lot of things I said.  She continued very calm and collected like and simply asked where I thought I was going to spend eternity.  I told her that NO ONE can know that.  She explained that she knew that, and so did my wife.  I didn’t bite.  She continued to explain the salvation message and as she spoke I was thinking fast and furiously for a retort.  I was getting hotter under the collar than an Alabama dog in July. I could not let this women show me up in front of my wife.  I had to show that what she was saying didn’t hold water.   Don’t forget about those Dinosaurs. Well, this banter went on for about an hour and finally, she simply asked if they could pray with me.  Quite defensively, I said “Sure, why not” .. so they gathered around me and layed hands on my shoulders and prayed.  I sat there steaming.  Afterward they left.

Needless to say, my wife was not impressed with my handling of these Christian “nuts” but she sweetly said that I should just think about what they said and pray.  I steamed some more.

The next morning I got up as usual, made my thermos of black coffee and headed back to Elkhart Indiana.   The whole experience with my wife and those Christians had been on my mind all Sunday afternoon and into the night and I woke up with it front and center too.   As was my practice, I stopped at Stevensville, Ohio along US 33 and there I would gas my car and get more coffee.  There was an L&K restaurant next to the gas station so I parked and went inside.  Right smack in the middle of the entrance was a book turn-around ..  A Christian book turn-around.  Staring right at me was the book “Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey so I picked it up. I bought it and sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee, I started to read it.   That was about 5am .. next thing I knew, it was 12 noon and the nice waitress wanted to know if I wanted some lunch.    I had read the ENTIRE book !

Well now things were in a real mess.  I left there and I was certainly confused. As I drove along the interstate highway, I remember looking at myself in the rear-view mirror .. paying almost no attention to the traffic, the direction of the car, my speed or much else. It was by the grace of God that I didn’t get killed.  I remember that I spoke the words .. “Jesus I don’t know if you want me or not, but if you do, I’m yours.  I can’ t deny that you came and died for me”.  At that instant, I began to cry .. no bawl would be more like it.  My face was wet with tears and I don’t know exactly how long it was. I do remember being pulled off the highway on the shoulder of the road wiping my eyes and smiling at the same time.  I was absolutely LIT UP !   My face hurt.  I had not cried like that since my Dad passed away.  I pulled back onto the highway and drove like a wild man toward Elkhart. I could not wait to get there and tell my Nephew and his wife about what had happened. I’ll leave the rest of that story for another time, but they both accepted Jesus that very night !

From that day to this, I have personally claimed the grace that can only be found At the Foot of the Cross.  And that is  what this site is about.  The Foot of the Cross is where you must find your salvation too.    Your answer to where you you will spend eternity.   Make no mistake ..  it’s too critical. You will spend eternity somewhere.    Don’t let your inaction be your action.  Don’t settle for that.  Jesus died for you too.   It would be your greatest personal tragedy to not accept this free gift.

I hope that you find this site to be helpful and informative and a blessing to you.

April 22 2010 06:14 pm

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  1. Susie on 26 May 2010 at 6:10 pm #

    Wow, what a testimony! I am so glad to call you brother….

  2. A plasterer in Aberdeen on 04 Mar 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    amazing post,you hit the nail on the head there.Aberdeen plasterer

  3. Debby Berisha on 05 Mar 2011 at 12:50 am #

    I really like the fresh perpective you did on the issue. Truly was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts had been easy to comprehend that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that certainly understands what he’s discussing. Fantastic job

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