When will there be true justice?

I know plenty of good people who are fed up with all the evil in the world and some are even angry with God that he doesn’t execute justice right here and now.  They ask “When will God refuse to tolerate all this pornogrophy, perversions, rape, insest, murder and every other form of evil that mankind can think of”.  I sure wish that God would hurry up and deal with it all.  It’s making me sick .. they say.

Habakkuk asked God “What are you going to do about judging the sin of Israel?” God reveals His plan to Habakkuk. He tells Habakkuk in verses 1:5-11 to prepare to be shocked .. “You are not going to believe this. You think I’m not working. Well, just wait till you see what I’m going to do”. To judge the sin of His people, God chose the meanest, toughest, most brutal crowd of barbarians the world had ever seen .. cold blooded killers every one of them .. the Chaldeans (Habakkuk 1:5).

In the story of Job, Job proclaimed his innocence and wished for a meeting with God to plead his case. By the end of the story, Job gets his wish. However, Job finally wishes he had not gotten what he asked for. God of course gives him a scathing rebuke that basically says “I am God. Who do you think you are?  Be quiet”.

We need to remember that God is God and that Jesus said on the cross “It is finished”.  What that means to me is that God has it all worked out, completely under control.  He WILL judge the world someday and bring all the suffering and sin to an end. True Justice will be done.  In the meantime, we just need to believe that he will be there for us through every trial and tribulation and that our safety can be found in Jesus.  Praise God for that.

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